Services & Fees

You will get a high-quality home inspection backed by experience and care.

Pre-Sale Inspections

A buyer’s inspection will help you decide if a home is right for you, and avoid homes that have substantial and costly defects. Starting at $325

Pre-listing inspections

A pre-listing inspection is a professional examination of a property that is performed before the property is put on the market for sale. A pre-listing inspection can help identify various issues/defects that can be addressed prior to the home going on the market. By addressing any issues ahead of time it may allow you to avoid additional price negotiation that could impact your profit from the sale.
Starting at $325

sewer scope

We use a special camera to scope the sewer line to visualize any blockages that are interfering with the plumbing system’s proper drainage. As well as assess the condition of your lateral sewer line while looking for bellies, root growth, cracks, and other defects that can effect your drainage.

Water Flow Testing

This test provides crucial information about the well’s productivity, which can be used to optimize production and make informed decisions about future development. The test involves measuring the volume and pressure of fluid produced over a period of time.
Starting at $200

water quality testing

Find out if your water is safe and free from bacteria through our water quality testing service. Water quality testing involves analyzing a water sample to determine the presence and concentration of various chemical, physical, and biological characteristics
Starting at $150

NW moisture intrusion inspection

Western Washington is notorious for its heavy rains in the winter and spring. Most people, after purchasing a home never venture into the crawl space or attic to take a look, which can compound any moisture issues over the years, leading to potentially large and expensive repairs. The NW Moisture Intrusion Inspection is a limited inspection covering the crawl space, attic, roof, and other areas that can lead to moisture issues.
Starting at $225

Annual Home Inspection

Protect your investment and schedule an annual home inspection. Scheduling a annual home inspection can identify potential problems early and save you money. A yearly home inspection can also aid you when it comes time to sell, you will be able to show a history of getting your home inspected and any repairs to potential buyers, showing that you cared for your home.
Starting at $325


Newly built homes need an inspection as much as any other home. Most builders offer warranties or guarantees, a home inspection can identify any corrective action that needs to be taken before you move in or before your warranty expires.
Starting at $325